Shimano IC5
Push Harder, Ride Farther

Your indoor cycling journey is unique - and so are our shoes. Whether you’re in the front row of class every single morning, a first time indoor cyclist, or pushing your limits at home, we have an indoor cycling shoe to help you along your way.

SPD / 2-Hole Technology

Most indoor cycling studios use SPD / 2-Hole clip-in pedals. They require a shoe that is SPD / 2-Hole cleat compatible. The smaller, recessed cleat makes walking easier without sacrificing pedaling efficiency.

SPD-SL / 3-Hole Technology 

Enjoy the enhanced stability and power transfer of SPD-SL / 3-Hole clip-in pedals. The large cleat spreads the force being applied to the pedal over a wide area and ensures a secure connection when you’re pedaling hard. They require a cycling shoe that is SPD-SL / 3-Hole cleat compatible and a SHIMANO SPD-SL pedal. 

5-Hole Technology 

Shoes with 5-Holes offer you the choice of using either SPD / 2-Hole or SPD-SL / 3-Hole cleats and pedals. Provides the flexibility of using your favorite cycling shoes with a variety of bikes and set-ups. SPD-SL is only compatible with SHIMANO SPD-SL pedals. 


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Shimano IC5 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe
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Shimano IC3 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe
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Shimano IC1 Women's Indoor Cycling Shoe