Shimano IC1 Women's Indoor Cycling Shoe

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The IC1 is a breathable and comfortable shoe especially designed to boost your indoor cycling workouts. Made from durable mesh and with a cross strap for a firm and customized fit, the IC1 is compatible with all popular pedal systems.

With durable mesh on top and a ventilated sole, the IC1 will help you keep your cool as you dial up the resistance.

A stabilizing heel pad ensures walking is a breeze. The single strap and slip-on design make it quick and easy to put your shoes on, get on the bike, and start pedaling. The strap crosses the mid part of your foot, providing a firm hold for optimal power transfer and comfortable adaptable arch support for a customized fit.

The IC1 shoes have five holes in their outsole, which makes them compatible with all popular pedal systems. It’s a unique feature which offers you maximum flexibility and choice. Whether you’re into the SPD / 2-hole pedal system, or prefer SPD-SL / 3-hole, this shoe will work for you.

  • SPD-SL / 3-hole design (and SPD / 2-hole compatible)
  • Slip-on design
  • Stiff sole transfers power straight to the pedals
  • Cross Strap Closure System creates a perfect fit
  • Durable mesh and ventilated sole for superior breathability
  • Adaptable arch support for comfort
  • DYNALAST for increased comfort and efficiency

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For nearly 100 years Shimano has been dedicated to creating industry-leading bike components and accessories.

5-Hole Outsole

It’s Your Choice

Excellent Ventilation

Air It Out

Slip-On Design

Easy On and Off

Shimano IC1

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The IC1 shoes provide extreme comfort while riding my indoor cycling bike. I can easily move around the different bike positions while my feet feel sturdy and secure. I’ve never had such comfortable, functional cycling shoes – it’s a beautiful thing when comfort meets style!

Alyssa Pannozzi, Instructor

Rev'd Indoor Cycling - Hingham, MA

The IC1 shoes are so comfortable, that I forget I’m even wearing them during my classes and the sole is rigid enough for stability and balance out of the saddle at a high cadence. The velcro strap makes them easy to put on and off before and after a class.  The pop of reflective color is really cool when the studio lights go down.

Kate Woodward, Fitness Director

Workout Club - Marshfield, MA

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