Shimano XC100 Men’s Cycling Shoe

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Everything you’re looking for if you plan to ride both indoors and outdoors. The XC100 is comfortable, stiff for good power transfer, easy to walk in, and it looks great. Show up for your best ride every day with this versatile and affordable shoe.

The XC100 is compatible with SPD / 2-hole cleats, so you can experience the performance benefits and stability of clipping in when you’re on your bike.

The durable synthetic leather with mesh texture looks good and keeps your feet happy. Three straps secure the fit, eliminating hotspots and transferring your energy directly to the pedals as you push and pull your way through sweaty efforts.

The rubber sole provides exceptional grip and confidence when you’re off the bike - avoid any potentially embarrassing slip-ups after class - and a reflective print keeps you visible if you venture outside for a ride.

  • Durable synthetic leather construction
  • Three-strap secure closure
  • SPD / 2-hole cleat compatible
  • High grip rubber sole
  • Reflective heel print for outdoor visibility
  • Recessed cleat for walkability

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Indoor / Outdoor Versatility

Secure Fit

Adjust on the Fly


Get a Grip

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