Shimano SM-SH11 SPD-SL Cleat Set

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Excellent for new riders or anyone looking for a little more forgiveness in their clip-in experience. This SPD-SL / 3-hole cleat allows movement of your foot when clipped in and offers an extra-wide pedal-shoe interface.

Moving to clip-in shoes and pedals from flat-soled sneakers can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. With the SM-SH11 Cleats, clipping in and out of your indoor cycling pedals will feel second nature.

These cleats can be used with SPD-SL / 3-hole cleat compatible shoes. They allow 6 degrees of float (rotational movement of the foot) when you’re clipped in. This play is kinder on your joints and helpful if you experience limited flexibility.

The extra-wide interface is a sturdy and secure platform on which to push and pull your pedals, so you can focus on keeping your cadence up.

Constructed with nylon resin, the low profile interface and non-slip rubber base make walking a breeze - even if your legs are feeling a little wobbly post-workout.

  • Replacement cleat for all Shimano SPD-SL / 3-hole clip-in pedals
  • To be used with SPD-SL / 3-hole cleat compatible shoes
  • Easy clip in and clip out
  • Forgiving 6-degree float
  • Extra-wide interface
  • Nylon resin construction
  • Non-slip rubber base

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Forgiving Float

Easy on the Joints

Stable and Walkable

Walk with Ease

How to Install SPD-SL / 3-Hole Cleats

Installing cleats can be a little fiddly, but you’ll find it really empowering to be able to do it for yourself!

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