Shimano IC1 Men's Indoor Cycling Shoe

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The IC1 is a breathable and comfortable shoe especially designed to boost your indoor cycling workouts. Made from durable mesh and with a cross strap for a firm and customized fit, the IC1 is compatible with all popular pedal systems.

With durable mesh on top and a ventilated sole, the IC1 will help you keep your cool as you dial up the resistance.

A stabilizing heel pad ensures walking is a breeze. The single strap and slip-on design make it quick and easy to put your shoes on, get on the bike, and start pedaling. The strap crosses the mid part of your foot, providing a firm hold for optimal power transfer and comfortable adaptable arch support for a customized fit.

The IC1 shoes have five holes in their outsole, which makes them compatible with all popular pedal systems. It’s a unique feature which offers you maximum flexibility and choice. Whether you’re into the SPD / 2-hole pedal system, or prefer SPD-SL / 3-hole, this shoe will work for you.

  • SPD-SL / 3-hole design (and SPD / 2-hole compatible)
  • Slip-on design
  • Stiff sole transfers power straight to the pedals
  • Cross Strap Closure System creates a perfect fit
  • Durable mesh and ventilated sole for superior breathability
  • Adaptable arch support for comfort
  • DYNALAST for increased comfort and efficiency

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For nearly 100 years Shimano has been dedicated to creating industry-leading bike components and accessories.

Excellent Ventilation

Air It Out

5-Hole Outsole

It’s Your Choice

Slip-On Design

Easy On and Off

Shimano IC1

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I have been riding my Expresso Bike with the Shimano IC1 shoes with the cleat adapter for SPD, and I really love the more consistent feeling of power transfer to the bike and the breathability of the upper material. Adding the SPD cleats was fast and easy with the cleat adapter.

Tommy McCarthy, Sr. Director of Key Accounts

Expresso Bikes

One of the most comfortable shoes I've ever used for Indoor Cycling, this sleek and extremely light shoe has quickly become my favorite for my indoor sessions. I love the fact that I can use it with either SPD and Delta cleats. With its slip-on construction, breathable upper mesh and ventilated outsole, the IC1 shoe feels really comfortable teaching my classes or working out. Secured with a single velcro strap, this shoe provides a snug fit while allowing some welcome room in the toe cage. Definitely a winner in my book!

Javier Santin, International Lead Master Instructor

Stages Cycling

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